Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Have we created a monster?

(Source: Me - Marina Bay Sands)

I like technology.  It really can do amazing things.  But, I don't think we've properly adapted to it.  

Yes, we use technology in incredible ways -- to connect with families across continents, to accomplish more in a day than we previously could in weeks or months & to access the world's information at our fingertips.  

We also use it to indulge our bad habits -- to gossip, to stalk, to compare, to mindlessly entertain, to show-off & to ignore (for more, see my posts on Facebook & Pinterest).

Today, I photographed people outside of Marina Bay Sands.  You to judge how they use technology.



  1. In other words, who needs people when you have a cell phone - sad state of affairs.

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  3. Well, there are people on the other end of those phones too. I think the really cool thing is that we are not confined anymore to those in close vicinity.

  4. @Martin - I agree with that. I live in Singapore, yet I grew up in America. Technology is how I stay connected to family & friends.

    I think there are 3 pieces of the puzzle:
    1. Good Tech: Improves our life and relationships
    2. Grey Tech: Neither helps or hurts us (i.e., games, apps, distractions, etc)
    3. Bad Tech: Feeds off of our need for comparison, power, greed, etc.

    I think I likely photographed people in the #2 bucket.


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