Thursday, May 9, 2013

Plastic Surgeries from Around the World

(Source: Ingrid Endel

We all alter our natural appearance.  Tattoos.  Hair dye.  Makeup.  Clothing.  Diets.  Tanning.

Plastic surgery is just more permanent.  

I don't like that the media makes people feel insecure about their appearance, but I see no problem if an adult decides to have plastic surgery (as long as it's for one's self, not for someone else).

I have recently discovered something new about plastic surgery -- it differs by country.

1. Brazil

Brazilians are hot.  They also like to flaunt it.  Bikini bottoms do not exist.  

Brazil is thong country.  Now you understand the origins of the Brazilian Wax.

Unlike Americans that typically want a smaller ass, Brazilians believe that hips don't lie.  They like to pair their boob jobs with butt implants inserted through the tailbone that take 6 to 8 months to fully heal.

2. East Asia

My boyfriend surprised me this year with a 36 hour trip to Seoul on my birthday (yes, I'm very lucky).  While walking in the subway, I noticed a strange sign for eye surgery, but not LASIK.

East Asians are typically born with single eyelids, unlike the eyelids of other races.  Asian blepharoplasty, otherwise known as "double eyelid surgery," is a cosmetic surgery that changes the skin around the eye to essentially look more Western.

It's the most common aesthetic procedure in South Korea & Taiwan.  It's also why all the South Korean beauty contestants look the same.

PS -  This is the first advanced plastic surgery in 1917.  We've come a long way

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