Sunday, April 20, 2014

You Are What You Do

I've been a fan of Jonathan Harris ever since watching his first Ted Talk a few years ago (and blogged about him last year before heading to Bhutan)

He's a true left brain / right brain -- a modern day Da Vinci-type character -- that mixes technology and art together in order to tell beautiful stories.

Today, I listened to his interview with Debbie Millman on Design Matters and discovered his personal essay on "Navigating Stuckness."  In the essay, he documents several transition points along his life journey.

[Collage] An American Dream

As I've posted before, I have some strong opinions on gun laws in the US (here & here).

In summary, WTF.  China *has* the one child rule.  We have the one gun rule (literally, there are 300M civilian guns in the US).

Decided to harness that thought and put it into a collage today.  End rant :)
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